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Subscribers only Life Area

Choosing the Life Area is the critical first step in the Beyond Good Enough System

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Subscribers only The Desire Web

What is a Desire Web? All the components

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Subscribers only The Complete Desire

The components of a desire

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Subscribers only Posture

Mindset impacts posture; posture impacts mindset

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Subscribers only Breath

Breath is the single most important rhythm in our existence.

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Subscribers only Smiles and Laughter

Simple gestures have vast impact

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Subscribers only The Touch Exercise

This exercise is core to the entire process. Learn how to and practice generating inner sensations from thought alone.

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Subscribers only Speak Your Truth 1

This video shows me working with Ursula to create a few Truth statements that fit for her. This was shot a couple of years ago when we still used the term "affirmation" to refer to Truth statements.

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Subscribers only Speak Your Truth 2

A short summary of Ursula's truth statements

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Subscribers only Speak Your Truth 3

A more advanced run at Speaking Your Truth

About the Teacher


Bruce Anderson is a hypnotist specializing in resolving emotional blocks. He retired from a career in project management in 2006. He believes that each and every person has the right and the obligation to live up to their full potential. He regularly challenges conventional wisdom. He goes to great lengths to help clients expand the range of choice available to themselves. He believes progress and growth come from owning and living our choices.He has a near magical power of accepting people for who they are and who they want to be. He has been guiding people to better lives through workshops and one on one hypnosis for nearly a decade. He is currently in the middle of his first book project “Beyond Good Enough”.

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