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Chapter 1

Focusing on what’s wrong or missing is easy. We live in a messy world and, if you look for it, you will always find something wrong or missing. This book is about getting what you want. If you want to be able to get what you want, you have to know what you want and focus on that. Much like the difference between trying to drive a car while looking out the back window versus driving while looking out the front window.

Beyond Good Enough

Chapter 1

Lorem iSome people feel like victims in their lives. They are not good enough and, therefore, need someone to blame for their circumstances. Because they’re unable to own their own choices, they will typically procrastinate on making a decision until the external world forces them to pick one. Naturally, they have somebody to blame if it doesn’t work out. What is important to recognize here is you always have a choice. Once you decide, own your choice, and guilt and shame will go away.

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Beyond Good Enough is YOUR guide to discovering the secrets of desires and beliefs and how they work together. What is it that you MUST believe that you do NOT believe now to become the person who can fulfill your desires?